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Improving business development

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Duurzame verbetering van uw commerciële denken & doen


As an illustration of our work, here are a few examples/cases of assignments we have been doing over the last few years.

3 Day training on exporting Mangoes from Senegal to EU 

The objectives and my task:

  • MangoIncrease awareness and understanding of Export Marketing Plan and its accompanying tools.
  • Increase understanding of and skills in coaching mango producers towards the development of their own EMP.

This training focussed on the EMP development process:

  1. Research
  2. SWOT analysis
  3. Confrontation Matrix
  4. Strategy
  5. Action planning

Through an imaginary case (Pakistani export of peaches to EU) all steps of the EMP process were studied and put into practice for this case.

Kyboko's role: organise and execute the training through groupwork, discussions and presentations; stimulating peer to peer learning.

5 day training for Staff of the South African Department of Trade & Industry (DTI).

CBI training

The training was structured around the objective for DTI’s staff to develop and deliver applicable and appreciated export support services to their sectorial client base. For this, the programme enabled participants to improve their general knowledge on Export Marketing.
Subjects covered during the training:

  • Export Marketing planning Process (from research to action planning),
  • Export partner marketing,
  • Strategy differentiation,
  • BSO service development for export support,
  • Segmentation & positioning in international markets,
  • Trade fair preparation & participation,
  • Cultural differences and international business communications. 

The European Fruit Market Experience Tour 2013

A 2-week tour of the Belgium, Netherlands, France and UK was organised for Pakistani exporters of Mango and Kinnow (mandarin) in order to experience the EU value chain from importer to consumer. Meetings with potential buyers were held in order to start developing commercial contacts for business deals for the near future.

fruit terminal brussel


To provide selected processors and exporters of Kinnow and Mango with a real life experience of the European market.

By covering the whole chain from the import in the port of Rotterdam through to (high end) wholesalers and retailers, tour participants will experience themselves what it takes to establish successful exports to a high-end market.


  • A 2-week trip covering The Netherlands, Belgium, France and England

  • Visits to importers/wholesalers: 8

  • Visits to retail stores / street markets: 7 

  • Meetings with buyers: 7 

  • Every day at the close of day a ‘review of the day & lessons learned’ was held in which participants shared their experiences and what these meant for their export develop-ment. IE’s added their views and insights to compliment the learning experience. At the end of the 2 weeks a combined session was held in which all experiences and lessons learned were brought together.


Participants were happy with the tour and its achievements. 

Many of the companies that were visited expressed an interest in taking next steps to investi-gate if business can be developed. First course of action lies with exporters joining forces to come up with concerted communication with these companies.